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    Do you love to read, and hard-copy books are not available to you for any reason, or too expensive, or in your home they have no place to store, or maybe you - an ardent fighter for the environment and each paper book for you - this is another blighted tree. If even one of these statements applies to you, then this site is for you.

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About Ebook Reader

  • Good or bad, but the development of computer hardware and tie their networks has led to what has now become quite normal to have on computer hard drives or even hundreds of thousands of books and other text information. The ease with which you can search and download on the Internet almost any book is amazing.

    Also, do not be questioned by the fact that store and transport volumes of digitized texts is much easier compared to their paper counterparts. Indeed , simple arithmetic shows that, for example on a normal hard drive 200 GB can hold up to half a million books average "thickness". Even impossible to imagine an apartment or a house accommodating a lot of books.

    Of course , these benefits will not (at least for now) to the disappearance of the classic book . One of the many reasons is the inconvenience of reading from a computer screen.

    At the beginning of e-books (and other texts) read using text editors or viewers , but their use in most cases is not very convenient. Therefore , a new class of programs specifically adapted for screen readers - E-reader